Indoor Installations


Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, Ct., 1989



"Although I entitled my installation at the Aldrich Museum Enter, Entrance, Exit, I didn't explain it's imagery because I thought it was self-evident. The big, brightly colored, spoked wheel (on the far left wall) is the sun, from which intense rays of color emerge to spread through the room. On the wall opposite the sun is the moon - a large, white disc. The view of the sun is partially covered by a transparent sheet of plastic held in place by two black wooden sculptures on the floor; perhaps they suggest the descent of light passing under the earth to the distant moon on the other side of the room."

"Almost directly opposite the main entrance is a closet-like room with a window. I painted this room bright red and placed in its center a large, vertical, cylindrical form (a 7ft. piece of culvert, also painted red). Obviously, the small enclosure had erotic connotations. To keep the floor of this small room clean while it was being painted, I covered the floor with a plastic sheet, intended to be removed later. But I soon realized that when the heating was turned on, the hot air coming from the floor under the plastic sheet made it palpitate very suggestively. This fortuitous activity appealed to me, and I left the sheet in place."   C.G. 2000




Plaza at Turtle Creek, Dallas, TX., 1997


Elements IV, 8'x24', acrylic on canvas, 1997


Installed in the Plaza at Turtle Creek


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