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West Wall

"It is to Gray's singular credit that he was the right artist at the right place, with the nerve, capability, ambition, and special training to attempt to recapture, in an out-of-the-way local university, something of the vision of Giacopo Tintoretto planned for Venice - a huge, noble, vigorous, sustained, awesome elegy".

-Thomas Hess, New York Magazine, November 11, 1975


South Wall

"Rothko's celebrated black murals...don't compare in quality, in spiritual strength, in imaginative power, in technical brilliance, with these 280 feet of running wall painting."

-Emily Genauer, The New York Post, May 18, 1974


East Wall

"Threnody overwhelms on a spiritual level, if we give it time...We are assimilated into a kind of pictorial magic that posesses an epic dimension."

-David Shirey, The New York Times, August 12, 1979


North Wall

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